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Experience the Benefits of HB Fight Club Boxing for Therapy, Inc. in Huntington Beach

HB Fight Club Boxing Therapy Programs in Huntington Beach

Led by active, professional fighters and athletes, the staff and trainers at HB Fight Club are dedicated to helping Huntington Beach, Westminster, and Orange County embrace the "fighter" mentality. To not simply adapt to personal strongholds, but to learn the skills, strength, and confidence to FIGHT BACK! Currently, HB Fight Club's boxing therapy caters to community members with Parkinson's disease, Multiple Sclerosis, adults and children with Autism, and those suffering from the challenges of addiction and substance abuse.

Using non-contact boxing as a form oftherapy for these individuals not only helps them redirect negative energy, but it also improves coordination, balance, reaction time, mobility, and most of all the confidencethey desire to regain control of their life.

Our coaches are affliated with Rock Steady Boxing, which serves more than 43,000 participants worldwide, and HB Fight Club is proud to make this routine available to you.

Our goal is to continue to give our clients the resources they need to not just live, but to THRIVE! During this time we took the initiative of taking our services out-doors to create a safe, comfortable, and COVID friendly environment in accordance to CDC guidlines! This allows us to...

- Set up individual stand up bags 6ft + apart outside
- Run a 60min non-contact boxing practice equipped with personal kettle bells and hand weights
- Reap the benefits of an outdoor workout with extra vitamin D!
- Create community and a supportive team environment!

Focus on Wellness: Therapy Boxing for Parkinson's Disease in Westminster

Rock Steady Boxing was built with a dedication to your better health, and among our regular attendees, HB Fight Club has seen the benefits therapy boxing has for anyone with Parkinson’s disease. This program is based on clinical evidence that indicates a slower rate of degenerative effects in patients who participate regularly in aggressive physical activities. This is because activities like boxing may have neuro-protective benefits.

HB Fight Club is an approved affiliate for this program, and your class will be led by a certified Rock Steady instructor. Boxing therapy has changed the lives of many people with Parkinson’s disease, and it may do the same for you. Learn more at our Rock Steady affiliate page, and schedule your free trial class by calling our office today.

(714) 349-3759
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