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Elevate Your Physical Fitness with MMA Classes in Huntington Beach

Are you looking for a way to get an invigorating workout that targets all areas of the body as well as the mind? At HB Fight Club, we offer intensive kickboxing classes in Huntington Beach and Westminster that will not disappoint you. Our MMA classes are taught by actual MMA fighters with real experience in the ring, which you don't always find in Orange County. Our instructors have intense passion and enthusiasm to drive you to achieve your fitness goals.

Kickboxing and mixed martial arts are known to promote weight loss while also improving agility, flexibility, power, balance, stamina, and cardiovascular health. Our MMA classes use a zero-contact workout that produces results and is suitable for all ages. Take advantage of a free trial class at HB Fight Club to see if MMA kickboxing is right for you.

Challenge Yourself with Muay Thai Classes in Westminster

For fitness enthusiasts who want to step up their game, Muay Thai is the perfect solution. HB Fight Club offers intensive Muay Thai classes that incorporate the art of this historic form of Thai boxing with light contact. Our Muay Thai classes are instructed by former MMA fighters who bring their experience from ring fighting and their passion from fitness into each workout they lead.

In this program, you will gain mastery of movements involving the knees, elbows and legs. You will also learn proper techniques for body kicks. Those who have already experienced Muay Thai may eagerly tell you that this is a fun way to get a rigorous, total-body workout. Our team at HB Fight Club is excited to share the art of Muay Thai with you. To book a free trial class at our gym, call our office today.

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